perjantai 26. joulukuuta 2008

almost end of this year, random post.


*My uncle loved the book I gave for him as christmass present.
1000 places to see before you die.
He have already seen like 80% of them...

*...we made a deal, we go to see the amazon and I buy him wellington boots when we go there. Somehow I like the idea of wellington boots and the amazon.

* I saw a picture from my past crush who moved abroad, he looks like criminal now. He is not, he just looks like one.

* I have lost weight...It is so unusual for me when it is this time of the year!

* My camera is broken because it fell down from my balcony.

*DECEMBER 26th was a sad day:

My kitten Doris moved to Kotka with the cousin of my ex-roomie.
I cried like baby. Seriously, I still feel like something big is missing (she was small cat but big part of my life). I still have my Dorka.
awww, now Im starting to cry again...

Same day:

In the evening I wen´t to have coffee and tank up the car in our near gas station.
It was quite hilarious, since both of us suck in gas tanking ( I do not know if that is even a word sorry). She bought me hot chocolate and huge doughnut.
We had fun times.
When I arrived home I checked myself from mirror.
I looked like crap, my hair was dirty, no makeup, my eyes were red because of the crying and coldness. I wearing just dress, tights, leather jacket and striped scarf.
Well, my ex-roomie did not look better I was not alone in this *hahah*

* today I bought LOT´S of music from Itunes.
Still trying to figure out how Ipod really works.
It is complicated!!!!!

* I really need start to packing since Im moving in my new flat in few days. Oh lazyness. Tomorrow I will start!

Actually I started today but I found this site
and ofcourse I did have to search Breakfast at Tiffany´s

I LOVE this movie, Audrey is just perfect and her wardorbe in this movie was perfect.
...gosh, I need to watch this again soon.

(Im posting thumbnails since there gonna be many pics, I just cannot choose few to post *teehee*)


Also I just HAD to post these from Gone With The Wind.
One of my ultimate favourite movies ever.
Scarlett is my hero. seriously, doesn´t she look absolutely charming in these:

ok, I admit. Rhett is one of my hugest crushes ever.

farkly my dear, I don´t give a damn

And how could I forget Atonement.
When I first time saw it I cried so much...2nd time wen´t much more better, I cried little less :)
And isn´t Keira amazingly beautifull in this movie?
James looks ridicilously good also.

so credit from the pictures goes to screencapheaven

Enough now! Sorry I did get little too excited...


This day soundtrack will be Kings Of Leon : Only by the night

I admit Im new fan of the bad...but seriously Im already addicted to them. Today I bought all of their CD´s.
I could listen Caleb´s singing all the time, there is something charming in his voice. Also Nathan plays durms so well.

Last but not least.
Cutest outfits I have seen in while.


Love those acid wash jeans and how she paired it with white blouse.
She looks absolutely adorable!

Everything in this outfit is something I could wear!!!

This whole looks is so sweet.
The way her hair is, pearls, that cute white top or just very short dress.
Wish I could look like this when I wake up in the morning *hahah*

photos from thefashionspot

Sorry so long post.
Im going to sleep now, tomorrow I have to go to work.
GOOD NIGHT!! or GOOD DAY (depends where you live)!!!!

edit: Sorry those thumbnail pics looks like to such a messy order.
Im too tiared to fix it, maybe tomorrow.