sunnuntai 31. elokuuta 2008

owl lover

I tought to share my love for owls.
If there is anything with owls in it, I buy it!
I know it was kinda trend for while ago. But still Im loving it, allways have.
Here are some examples about cute owls.
I actually got few owl necklases, my favourite did get broken and could not be fixed up (R.I.P darling) *tears falling down cheek*

PILLOW from delias.
T-SHIRTS 1.from, 2.from chloe.
MITTENS from art effect.
NECKLASES 1.claire´s accessories, 2.Laure Lee jewerly, 3.
RINGS upper:, down: revovle clothing.
BAGS, 2. 3. marc by marc jacobs.
SHOES from keds.

ps.OOooh I soooo need that marc jacobs bag, wate, actuallu I need to own all the bags, how cute are they?!?! also those mittens are must...I must ask if my mom can knit something like that. She is like the best from the best.
Oh hats, oh hats, oh hats...

Vanessa looking darn great

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hats are the essential for fall / winter.
Too bad I only have orange knitted beret (wich is so cute) , only one hat.
There needs to come change.
Just image, hats can make any outfit unique. ooh, the possobilities.

Other thing I definetly need to have is HUGE scarf.
h&m got some nice ones like this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

print is just so beautifull and the scarve is big. There were about 3 other colours to choose, this is very great purple , deebut still looking fresh.

Actually I got pretty nice collection of scarves but not nearly as huge as I would have. Isn´t it funny that some people are just so crazy about shoes and bags but I am crazy about scarves. I can own one pair of flats and wear them with everything until they are broken. Then I just buy another one and do the same. But scarves, I just need to have different ones from different situations. They are like wall that covers me from bad things. When I feel ugly and fat I put scarf around my neck and feel sooooo much better.

Vanessa pictures from thefashionspot

lauantai 30. elokuuta 2008

squirrel lightening

I had some kind of stomach sickness going on last night... It was horrible and I was alone at home so I was so sure that I won´t survive till morning. hahah, but here i am feeling better and most important alive.

oh man, my kittens just slept 1,5 hours on my tummy. I could not move because they were so darn cute :D So I watche Queen live at wembley dvd. It was amazing, I soooo wish I could have been there. Freddie is one of the most charming performer in our time. WOW, he really had charisma and I absolutely LOVE Queen!!!!!!

Today I did some shopping. Just bought black skirt and some cute t-shirts and tights.
Later Im going to japanise restaurant with my friend and her roomie.

my friend took this photo. I was watching squirrel who was running around the tree.
There were also some other photos but they were bad (my face was showing haha).
I am wearing my favourite checked shirt, it is loose and A-line shaped. Black skirt and black tights.(sorry tummy showing)

torstai 28. elokuuta 2008

red skirt, red face

Happy day.
I woke up happy and I spend my morning being happy.
Now Im off to going work and being happy.
It is kinda disgusting how happy I feel at the moment.
But when was the last time I was this happy?
...ummm...while ago.

What have made me happy?

1.I saw my kittens goofing around.
2.Made huge cup of coffee with little of milk.
3.spend my morning with roomie watching ´´buffy the vampire slayer´´.
4.washed some laundry.
5.last but not least, I woke up from my cozy bed under my favourite blanket and the pillows were just in right order (you know how hard to it is sometimes get the pillows right).

so little things can make so happy.

My new favourite skirt, so lovely.

oh yes, and leggings. Still using them. Who care if they are hated by so many people...still Im more about thights.

Yesterday some guys said me I look good. That is not usual for me that someone comes and say I look I was flattered and ultra red from my face after that. haha.
Ok, I admit my hair was kinda good yesterday and I was wearing my new starwberry lipgloss. What else? It was just so random. But after that I was all smile whole day.

inspiration: CLARA BOW

THE orginal ´´it´´ girl.
Definetly she was more creative and inspirational that ´´it´´ girls of today.

Her life was too much tragic... Mental ilness in the family, physical and emonital abuse. She did have two sisters but they died very young age (other lived 2hours , other lived two days), her true friend died in her arms when she was just 9 years old, her mother tried to kill her...

At age 26 she met cowboy star Rex Bell and at age 28 she did retired from show bussines, moved to nevadan and was devoted to be a good mom for her two sons.

Beside all this she was and still is the princess of silent movies and the first ´´it´´ girl ever!

Pics. Those eyes, lips and cheekss are so darn cute. Also love how she dressed herself, such a cute little outfits and those hats!!!!!! She makes me wanna use cute little hats but unfortunately they don´t suit me.
Wish there would be more people like her...nah, actually no I don´t. If there would be more her kind of personalities she would not be so inspirationa you know?

keskiviikko 27. elokuuta 2008

my favourite tree

oh it was so beautifull
also love this picture so so much, thankyou marleena taking such a wonderful picture *hugs*
(im far left)
Such a long day behind.
And i did 30min core workout, almost 60min of BalletFit but that teacher was soooooo bad I had to left earlier then I danced hiphop 60min. I can´t dance but it was so fun and I just let it loose. SO MUCH FUN!

LOVE my new mustard yellow cardigan. so cute and cozy.

Now just wanna go reading and sleeping.

tiistai 26. elokuuta 2008

smoke a cigarette

It was so long and hard day at work and late this evening I have some things to do, so it was so nice to see that Marisa (missthumbelina.blogspot) was tagged me. YAY. 

What are the last three things I purchased?

1. perfect red nailpolish. blouse from zara.
3. cute underwear! oh and cute socks.

What are the last three songs you downloaded?
1.coldplay: scientist.
2.the do: stay
3.Elvis: can´t help falling in love

What were the last three places you visited?
1.London last year.
2. London few months ago :D
3. Stockholm, sweden.

What are your three favorite movies?
1.It happened one night: Brillainat movie. Love clark!
2.Funny Face: Just adore this movie, also Sabrina and Breakfast at tiffany´s. (yes, those audrey classics)
3. The Notebook: I cry like a baby every single time I watch this! Makes me believe in true love.
Also have to mention Gone with the wind (ofcourse) and A very long egagement.
As you can see I love old movies, so much better than movies these days. More witty , more heart.

What are your three favorite possessions?
1. My long-ish and cozy black cardigan, it is perfect and goes with everything.
2.Charm necklase, I have made it by myself and have collecting different kind of charms in it. Lovely.
3.LONG striped scarf i knitted last winter.
...ooh and woolsocks my grandmom has knitted for me, I have a pair that are knee long and so so warm.

What three things can you not live without?
1. Bike, Im cyckling everywhere. Actually I would love to bike across australia!
2.Ok, I have to say my bed also, the best bed I ever had! so cozy, I have the best blanket there and lot´s of pillows and HUGE book pile. just love it <3<3>What would be your three wishes?
1. See the world! Live in lost island, have a party at NYC, hike at new-zeland...etc.
2. Be healthy, happy and outgoing. Same I wish to my family, I wanna them to live longer than me.
3. Find a true love.

What are three things you haven't done yet?
1.Learned how to walk with heels!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
2.Lived in english countryside and have garden.
3. sat in the same tabel with Audrey Hepburn, Clark Caple and Vivien Leigh, that is still possible , righT?

What are your three favorite dishes?
1. Home made potatoe smash. Such a comfort food.
2. Everything my grandmother has done.
3.Chicken soup.

What three celebrities do you want to hang out with the most?
1. Keira Knightley, she seems such a fun girl.
2. Heath Ledger when he did live. Allways has been fan of his.
3. Audrey Hepburn, just because she is THE hepburn and ultimate inspiration source.

Name three things that freak you out...
1. creepy porsline dolls. and other dolls...actually every single doll is creepy.
2. Fights. I really really scare them.
3.That someone close of mine will die.

Name three unusual things you are good at.
1. Saying random things in random situations. Actually, that is all I do.
2. for not brushing my hair all day. heehee.
3. putting red lipstick when I go just for grocery shopping , even if Im just wearing sweat pants. how classy?

What are three things that you are coveting?
1. Perfect winter coat.
2. White lacey dress. My latest obsession. I have loved them allways but just lately it is getting out of control!
3. Queen live at wembley dvd!!!!!!!!

Name three bloggers you are tagging.
1. Nita-karoliina (
2. Rodellee (
3. wendybird (


I just adore this star blouse I bought from Zara.

aw and I needed to give a hug for doris

maanantai 25. elokuuta 2008


My backyard.
It is such a wonderful and beautifull place.
Lot´s of plants and even a little  you can climb over and have little picnic or just go there by yourself to listen music and thinking. I have done some diary writing there, it is such a inspirating place to sit.
It is like from some movie. Im so lucky to live in place like this. Sadly we have to move out in the end of this year.
Our whole neighborhood is very effortless and quet.

Yesterday I was bit restless, so I took my blanket and went there, just for sitting. Guess what? It started raining. It was perfect (and I sound like old crazy woman heehee)

sorry I look kinda scary. My friend took these few nights ago when we were sitting at                    ´´my place´´ and drinkin wine (white wine with little sparkles).

sunnuntai 24. elokuuta 2008

raining, I might need umbrella...

Notthing much happened today. I was sleeping late and there were raining when i woke up, too bad I did not catch up good picture of it, it was just so beautifull.
All day long just hanging out in our apartment, playing with the kittens and taking tons of pictures from them...oh, and also had little fight with my sister.

Yesterday I was hanging around the city. Just walking and watching people being busy.
Actually did some sort of shopping, I found gorgeus full and long-ish skirt from H&M, I wanna make it sorter then it will suit me better. Little DIY allways brighten up a day. Maybe I do it even tonight? who knows.


yeah, I was very creative with all the photoshopping.

Outfit was nothing special, but I adore that bright red skirt and The beatles t-shirt.

one last thing, my kittens are just way too adorable. Here they are sleeping...awwww, It feels like Im dying every time I see them, way too heart stop beating.
hahah, does it feel like this when you have yor own kid?
I feel such a mommy now.

I love how they just relax and have fun, they have such a great attitude for life *heart melting*

perjantai 22. elokuuta 2008

Time is so short

So busy life.
It feels like it goes by me.
All I see is blurry things but I just can´t remember anything.
It is annoying because I wanna remember my life.
What could be the most sad thing than can happen? Well, when you are old, just about to die...all you can remember is ´´I should have done that´´...´´I should have done that´´...´´I should have done more travelling...seeing family ... being more outgoing´´ etc.
I know, everyone have downs in their lifes (trust me, I know...) and few days have not been so low. It just feels that I can´t take a catch up my life. It just goes and moves, without me.

For the good happy things.
From mail i got postcard from darling Marisa ( she is soooooo adorable)
LOVE this card. It is magical and it is so well done. Also for extra she did send me two tiny charms, I just had to do a necklase from them and added them to my older frog necklase, I think it ended up looking cute!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

back of the card

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So thankyou for making me smile!
and hope you get my card, this time :D:D
hahahha we are such a crazy-twilight-fan-girls.

***Lately I have been listening Coldplay viva la vida or death and all his friends, love that album. It is different fcom other coldplay albums. It is kinda dark and I like lyrics that are about death. HAHAHa this makes me sound like such a depressed person, Im not but I just like dark songs.

from song called 24:

´´Those who are dead are not dead
They’re just living in my head
And since I fell for that spell
I am living there as well

Time is so short and I’m sure
There must be something more

Those who are dead are not dead
They’re just living in my head oh…
And since I fell for that spell
I am living there as well oh…

Time is so short and I’m sure
There must be something more

You thought you might be a ghost
You thought you might be a ghost
You didn’t get to heaven but you made it close
You didn’t get to heaven but you made it close

You thought you might be a ghost
You thought you might be a ghost
You didn’t get to heaven but you made it close
You didn’t get to heaven but you oh-oh-ooh, oh-oh-ooh
Oh oh…

Those who are dead are not dead
They’re just living in my head

Just somehow thse words touched my heart...***

tiistai 19. elokuuta 2008

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Carole Lombard, I adore her.She is such a great actress. Too bad she did die tragically in plain after she found her true love, Clark Cable. picture from tfs.

I will never ever watch romantic movie again...
They just makes me sad.

(it´s bad that I just LOVE romantic movies heehee)

It seems like I can´t find anybody... I will go old, be alone and have 15 cat´s all over my apartment and when I die no one care. 
Wow I sound like positive person today.

Today I try to concenrate something other than thinking my lonely future.
I try to do lot´s of stuff (like helping my friend with her stuff because she just moved to here, go to do hard workout, do laundy and dishes...and ofcourse, I have to go work) so at night I just fall asleep and morning I can start the same thing al over, brilliant plan I might say.

And why I posted that happy picture?
It is just so darn sweet I could not help myself for posting it!

sunnuntai 17. elokuuta 2008

it happened one night

I wtched It happened one night it absolutelu brillian comedy.
Realise date year was 1939, starring Clark Gable & Claudette Colbert.
Claudette plays Ellie who is heirress, she runs away from her family, she meets reporter played by Clark. All he wanna have is juicy story. 
Absolutley the best comedie I have ever seen, I laughed so hard...just tears were falling on my cheeks. Just because this movie was so fun and sweet.
Loved actually everything, claudette looked fabolous and her outfits were totally inspirating (sadly I did not find so many great pictures from them), Clark was absolutely hilarious and charming. He is my favourite actor (from past), he has the carm and he has done some of my favourites movie of all time (like ´´gone with the wind´´)

Loved everything claudette wore, I wanna make my hair like hers and I wanna look as classy as she did. Well, I have long road to go, to reach that.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

such adorable hat Claudette have, I will ask if my mom would knit me hat like that.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ellie: By the way, what's your name?
Peter Warne: What's that?
Ellie: Who are you?
Peter Warne: Who me?
Peter Warne: I'm the whippoorwill that cries in the night. I'm the soft morning breeze that caresses your lovely face.
Ellie: You've got a name, haven't you?
Peter Warne: Yeah, I got a name. Peter Warne.
Ellie: Peter Warne. I don't like it.
Peter Warne: Don't let it bother you. You're giving it back to me in the morning.
Ellie: Pleased to meet you, Mr. Warne.
Peter Warne: The pleasure is all mine, Mrs. Warne.

Pictures & quote from imdb