tiistai 30. syyskuuta 2008

Someone like you

Numero Korea #3 October 2008
Someone Like You
Photographer: Dusan Reljin
Fashion Editor: Lee Hyun Bum
Model: Suvi Koponen

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pictures from thefashionspot

Just loved the feeling of this editoral.
It feels so cozy even thou the woman Suvi is playing seems to be pretty lonely.
That is just how I see the pictures.
Best for a while (beside Kate Bosworth´s photoshoot for ELLE magazine).
Oh, I have to say, Im soooo proud of Suvi, she is from Finnish ´´Mallikoulu´´ tv serie (like American next top model-kind of reality serie) and she has rised up for a huge succes, everybody wanna have piece of Suvi and in the same time she is down the earth of girl. I think she is rocking!

I wanna go shopping and buy great pair of boots and winter jacket.
But Im soooooo low with money. darn.and pay day was just yesterday! how can this bee possible? well, I have so many bills to pay...what a hard life. heehee.

Yesterday was fun, I met up with my roomie, we did some small shopping ( I only bought super cute Batman t-shirt wich is way too big, need to do something for it, but it was just too cute to leave!!!) and two pair of basic black tights.
We went for dinner, I ate ceasar´s salad and drank coca-cola.
Rest of the night I just layed on the couch and watched ´´prison break´´ with the kittens.

I did send Kate Moss t-shirt for darling Nita-karoliina, she is the biggest Kate Moss fan I have ever known, so I hope she likes the shirt!

sunnuntai 28. syyskuuta 2008

Smile to me

Just because this makes me smile

James Dean with Natalie Wood

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He was so charming and talented.



Hello, I have some cravings from American Apparel. They make the best basic clothes and they have the most wild colours in their collection.
Their zip up hoodies are one of my favourites, this Unisex California Fleece Track in red / white is perfect to cheer up dark winter days.

Unisex Matte Faux Leather Hoody (in black) looks perfect!

and what about their wicked leggings?
Shiny leggings. I know many of you are over these but I found these darlings again.
I have allways wanted these, now I gonna order them. Hope they fit right way.

and that Unisex Highlighter California Fleece Long Sleeve Raglan Sweatshirt would be perfect!!

Polyester Micro-Fiber Tulip Skirt(in navy or black), this Shiny Late Night Mini Skirt (in lame gold) would be great for nights out.

^Mélange Jersey Pocket Skirt (in heather grey and ever green, I already have it in Mélange Fire), Stretch Bull Denim Slim Skirt looks great also.

their basic shirts are the best!

Watery Faux Leather Oversized Tote, perfect for carrying all my life with me all the day!

well, obivously I do not have money for this all.
So what should I order?
definetly that Unisex Matte Faux Leather Hoody!

btw. I love how AA uses the sale persons as their models, even thou the pictures can be seriously tacky sometimes.

Today was such a nice day.
I walked to my granmother place because the weather was so nice.
She made smashed potatoes to me and I ate it so much.
My granmother is so darling, we allways have been very close. Love her so much!


Oh I just found out that there was class reunion and people did not invite me.
Well, whatever they were really not my friends. but it would have been nice to see how they are now!


keskiviikko 24. syyskuuta 2008

September 25th

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This morning is beautifull. Im sittig infront of my laptop wearing the biggest knit ever. Just while ago I made hot chocolate and did put some whipped cream top of it.
These are the mornings to enjoy.

oh, isn´t that Audrey pic wonderful?
hope it makes everyone smile as wide as it makes me.

audrey pic from adorevintage

Long post and perfct bag that I do not own

I am exhausted.
We have few people sick at work and it feels like everything is in chaos.
I run everywhere, the kids are screaming and everybody are stressed out.

I have lost few pounds, wich is allways good...but I just feel so exhausted.

But sudeenly today I started to feel creative.
I bought t-shirt from H&M men´s section few days ago.
The neckline was too tight (since I like it to be v-neck or boat necklane) and the lenght was bit too long (not flattering for hips), but the picture of it was just too brilliant to leave there. It is from X-men comic serie and the star of the picture is Magnetos *nerd*

It was love at the first sight with this white shirt with studds (Michelle Williams) is wearing. I knwe I need one.
So I bought white oversized t-shirt from Indiska. 150 different kind of studds.
and just put them in the shirt. It was kinda hard because there was two too curious kittens were all over it. But in the end Im satisfied with it!

Long skirt from h&m, cutted it to be shorter.
Perfect when it is wore with basic black tanktop.

cute dress.
Looking forward to wear it with tights and cozy cardigan and ofcourse slouchy beret hat. Winter winter come already!!!!

Allways making me smile.

Oh and I just have to post few pics about them both.
gosh, i could die everytime I see them.

and thankyou my friend, she is leaving to NY for week, but she is leaving me here!!! no, I will never ever forget this. hehe. Seriously, I hopse she have fantastic time over there *but I am jelous*

....and I did eat my first hamburger in THREE YEARS!!!!!!
after that I started to remember why I hate those hamburgers...greasy and not yammy at all.

Still need to post some pics from Keira Knightley.
She is true inspiration source.
I absolutely adore her and just yesterday she carried this absolutely PERFECT bag and looked flawless.
Click bigger!


truly adorable.
yet again, click bigger!

(they are the perfect couple)

Now Im going to relax and watch last week episode of ´´House´´ and maybe few episodes from ´´Roswell´´ and eat apple pie my grandmother baked for me.

Michelle picture from thefashionspot. Keira pictures from Adorevintage.

maanantai 22. syyskuuta 2008


YAY the happy day.
I found my denim mini skirt from my closet.
Perfect denim skirt made from my dad´s old evis jeans.
I felt absolutely geeky for wearing it today.
Denim skirt, black basic loose t-shirt, black tights and grey loose and long cardigan. Necklases layered and hair up. I felt like new girl but I was wearing some of the oldest clothes of mine.

Here are two example of how to wear denim skirt. NO LEGGINGS. NO HEELS.
Black tights, flats and basic t-shirts looks the best.

Mine skirt is sooo similar with skirt in this set:

LOVE that 3.1 Phillip Lim Tassel trim blouse^

I need some of those James Perse t-shirts. Since everybody says they are perfect!

can´t wate for tomorrow to wear my skirt again!

sunnuntai 21. syyskuuta 2008


Oh, I was sooooo excited to see this editoral with Kate Bosworth. It is so dreamy, fairytale-ish and so inspirating. My favourite pics must be the one of her in the swing and under piano, she looks so very pretty.
I love how they styled her hair in these pics...can´t wate for tomorrow I can try to do them!

from Italy ELLE magazine, october issue.

pictures from thefashionspot