lauantai 29. marraskuuta 2008


I adore this duo.
they are so charming.
I allways tought they happy and everything did go well. But just few weeks ago I did watch a talk show they were guest for, few suprising thing came up.
One of them was in relationship and her boyfriend was violent.

PMMP- Joutsenet
Such a beautifull song.
even if you do not undretsand finnish language, you should still listen this.

Sorry this video was not embadded, so I had to put just the link.

Another song from them Oo siellä jossain mun


Lately I have been looking my old pictures...Why i cannot look like that anymore. I was quite thin but I felt incredable fat. Now Im slightly bigger (wich is good because i had quite low weight at one point).
Anyway, here are some of my old pictures. Took 1,5 years ago.

Im so sorry about my bad photoshopping skills...

One last thing...Im seriously considering to dye my hair red like Cintia Dicker here.

oh and Im getting extensions also.
When I have money *hahah*

p.s Im feeling so restless.
I just wanna leave somewhere...that is far away from here.

maanantai 24. marraskuuta 2008


yes, SNOW!

*heehee* we have almost similar hats and same scarfs.

my friend, she is soooooo adorable.
and I loved her outfit, she is such a girly girl.

me, you can´t really see my outfit... oh well.

We made these cookies last saturday.

Everything is covered in white snow.
I feel like little kid again.

Actually, I had to go work today and Im working at kindergarden.
And the kids had soooooooo much fun running in the snow and throwing me with snowballs!!

But i have to say this, we had big troubles going to the park since the snow was on our way and we had like 15 kids running everywhere.

Today I wore prints over prints, just what felt comfortable.
At work i wore that plaid dress and thick tights and when I wen´t outside I put that polka dot AA hoodi over. Must favourite hoodi ever.

I know I might have wore that do-not-wear-together pieces...just could not care less at the moment.


Ok, I found this site today.

It sells vintage clothes and have blog.

I absolutely loved it!

few things I liked.
and ooh lala for those denim shorts (yeas, im denim shorts addict)

few absolutely adorable dress.

nerdy glasses in hot pink colour <3

also these are fantastic!!


lauantai 22. marraskuuta 2008


Yesterday I slept all day.
At night I went to my friends apartmen and we made cookie, drank glögi and watched the day after tomorrow (actually I did sleep half of the movie *hahah*)

She has been little depressed lately and I don´t really know what to do to make her happy, so I made a card that had this next text from Winnie the pooh:

Piglet walked next to winnie the pooh.



´´nothing´´ said piglet and took hand of winnie the pooh.
´´I just checked you are there´´

I made also Winnie the pooh card.

She smiled and laughed to it, but I could see that she was bit happier.

Also yesterday my roomies cousin and her boyfriend moved to our apartmen for rest of this year. Her boyfriend speaks english and I really suck for speaking it, so let´s see how all goes...

Today we are going to do some shopping and go to gym.

My newest comfort song

Don´t believein love by Dido.

I absolutely adore Dido and her music , I can´t describe it now because there are no words in my head at the moment. But her muisc suits so well in those dark morning hours when I just wanna build huge wall around me to protect from cold world.
She is amazing and Im glad she has new album coming out now.

she looks absolutely stunning in this video.

oh , today is snow storm day. Im sooooo happy from this, I love snow and storms!!!!!

keskiviikko 19. marraskuuta 2008

new apartment

YAY I got apartment.
It is cozy and sweet little place I can call home.
I will move January 1st 09.
Can´t wate , I already have tons decorating ideas.
After my move, I will save some money and travel to London.
Gosh, I need to visit London sooon, I miss that place.

I will take my kitty cat Dorka sadly Doris is not my cat, I love her and my heart will break when I leave her. What about Dorka? They are sisters and I am afraid she gonna get sad. Hahah I feel such a mommy now.

I got this from amaziiiiiiiing Nita-Karoliina <3<3

6 things that make me happy and pass it on to 6 others.

1.People that are funny and I feel comfortable to be with, also orka & Doris, ofcourse.

2.lying in my bed, covered with pillows and huge warm blanket and watch how snow falls down from window. I swear, that is the best thing in winter.

3.Travelling and experiencing new adventures.

4.Little things that happens everyday, when someone says something nice or I do something nice.

5.BAKING!!! and eating. *heehee*

6.Photos, I wanna do huge collection of pictures I have taken along years and pictures that other have taken. When Im old I can watch them and feel good, maybe cry.

umm...I have to say that books also. I could live without TV and computer but life without books seems so boring and empty.

(well, living without computer would be hard, since Im such a nerd ... But I could live without it!!!)

ok, whoever can take this, but KARA your are my choice!!

nothingelse now.

sunnuntai 16. marraskuuta 2008

wish list

Do I really need all this?
Answer is yes.

From Urban Outfitters

1.Dolce Vita Equestrian Boot
2.Sioux Beaded Moccasin
3.Frye Paige Cuff Boot
4.Frye Engineer Boot
5.Double Buckle Leather Moccasin

oh, t-shirts t-shirts...

1.Obey Obama Tee (yse im still craving that t-shirt)
2.Spiderman Hockey Tee
3.sonic youth t-shirt
4.Panda Stay Green Tee


1.LaRose Tapestry Skirt
2.Urban Renewal Denim Dolphin Short
3.Lux Atzure Skir
4.Kimchi Blue Voile Smocked Skirt

ah, this cardigan <3<3

Kimchi Blue Ditsy Floral Cardigan Sweater

Blouses and shirts

1.BDG Fitted Buffalo Plaid Tunic
2.Kimchi Blue Smocked Ribbon Blouse
3.Kimchi Blue Dandy Plaid Pitchfork
4.Tikirani Goldenrod Blouse


1.Sublimated Legging
2.Cougar Bracelet Watch
3.Elephant Posts

all pics from