sunnuntai 7. joulukuuta 2008

December. Seven. Sunday.

Im so fustirated at the moment...

anyway, Im writing new post. repeating some from my last one.
But what happened???

* My roomies cousin and her boyfriend lives in our apartment. It feels so feels like Im guest in my own apartment.
What a awful feeling.

* soon to be ex-room mate made little gathering together for few of her friends.
Well, she did not tell me about it and I was not ´´invited´´ even tough I was home
in same room as they were but all of them were basically ignoring me.
So I wen´t to my own room and fell in sleep. Clock was about 7pm then.

* At night around 3 o´clock I woke up, they were leaving to bar or something...
I just couldn´t get any sleep. So I was cleaning my room, hanging with the kittens
and watching Mamma Mia! and still being mad about her child-ish acting...

I mean who would do that, just ignoring someone who is in same room, live under
that same roof? I could never do that for anyone.

* They left the apartment in huge mess... I did not clean anything.
They have to clean their own mess.

* December 6th was Finland´s independent day. I wen´t to grandmother´s place
and we watched the annual ball at President palace. Judging the dresses etc.
I was so sleepy and wen´t sleeping early. I love spending nights at my
grandmother´s place. There is allways so much food. Yammy...

* ...but she can be so annoying sometimes, thinking that I cannot handle my things
and do not take care of myself. I allways get fustirated when she is nagging all
those things. But ofcourse she does that, she is my grandmother after all.
Aren´t all grandmothers the same way? She has done so much for me, it feels
like I own her so much. When my family had hard times after my mom and dad divorce,
she was there, helping us.

* Also it is pain to see how her memory is not the same as last year...I don´t wanna
ever think she is old. She has allways been such a super woman and so close to me.
And Im allways telling her if something is on my mind or if Im angry I can yell at
her and she listens, after few minutes I call her and say Im sorry because yelling
for her, and she is like ´´nah, Im your grandmother it is my job to listen you´´.

Seriously, I don´t know what to do after she is gone.

* Im missing something. My head feels so empty.

* Im stressing about moving.

* Im stressing about money...

....Argh.... I really have to stop thinking now or I will get crazy.


After all that crap this made me happy:

Zooey Deschanel
Complex magazine outtakes

oh I adore Zooey. She is one of those persons who is just adorable. No matter what she wears she looks adorable.
and I really like that light shade of pink colour on her lips.
Might even try it myself!

...Since Im trying to find something new to my style.
Im happy the way my style has gone, simplyer...and I feel like I don´t have to dress like my friends (that feeling I had few years ago) or dress up for someone else.
Even tough my style is not so wild and out there Im dressing for myself even if I get comments like this:

´´you look too care free´´ as my friend say. WHAT?!?!?!? I did not understand that.

´´you could even brush your hair´´ as my father say.

´´please, wear some other cardigan, you have wore that for week now´´ as my grandmother say.

´´don´t you have money to buy decent pair of jeans´´ my co-worker said.
Because she thinks shorts belong to summer...and that comment was bit arrogant.

oh well, I wear shorts with thick black do many other.
I rarely wear jeans. They are so uncomfortable and I never find good pair.
I have naturally messy hair no matter what I do for it.

Those all comments don´t bother me at all. It is my style and my life.
I could say some things about the way they are dressing...but why should I ? it is their life and their style, get it?

AAAANYWAY, I want something new to my style... It is not that I wanna new clothes, just little things that can make huge change like that lately I have done new things to my hair. I like it, the feeling that hair is out of my face feels wonderful.

Then I might just try that pink lipstick that Zooey have in those pictures^

and some jewerly and accessoriez shopping.

finding perfect faux leather jacket could do wonders too.

That´s all I need.

Keira has the most amazing style for fall / winter.
I love her. She really inspires me.

She has had many great red-carpet looks, but this is my all time favourite!
That dress is so cute, loved the way her hair was and that her nails were painted black.

from GLAMOUR magazine.

Last but not least.
JAMES DEAN was such a magical person.
He is one of the most interesting persons in near past.
Love all the pictures taken from him.

Pictures from adorevintage. thefashionspot.

p.s sorry for the thumbnails. I just posted so many pictures that I tought this looks more clean.

p.p.s sorry this was such a long post!!!!

p.p.p.s NITA I cannnot wate to see what you bought for me from London. Hope you feel better now!

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