lauantai 20. joulukuuta 2008

December 20

My laptob had huge crash down because there was some HUGE virus going one.
Annoying. I hate those freaking people who are sending those virus.
My uncle say that is some new age virus that is seriously distroying everything in the computer. EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! at the moment he is trying to fix my computer.
Hope he can save the pictures...
oh and one warning this Antivirus 2009 (the name of the virus, it pretending to be a virus protector but it actually is the virus and collect viruses to computer, seriously hard to take off), it does not come just for uploading files can come just you for visiting site, accidently because usually those sites are the ones that come as when you are opening thumbnail picture). It is scary.

Anyway, moving on.
Im at the moment using my mother laptop.
Listening people talking , tv noise, drinking pepsi max after two battery stripped (hellooooo caffeine overload), Im thinkin about christmass and Im feeling comfortable at the moment...Im at my childhood home and my sister is also here.
We already had one fight with my sister and one with my uncle who is like brother to me. What would day with them be without fights? Nothing i´d say.

I have been shopping like crazy lately...I bought amaaaaaaaazing leather jacket from Zara, it is perfect and it did coast insanely much (in my budget) but I just could not resist it, because it was perfect!!!!!!!!!!

also bought two pair of boots.

and and... cut off denim shorts, two pair of cotton leggings, two pair of basic tank top in black, christmass presents...make up. what else?
and Eric Clapton: the Autobiography by Eric Clapton.

I do not have camera at the moment, but I wore this today:

today by rosethe


Mine denim shorts are from H&M.
Mine black loose top is from JC but it soooooo much excatly like that one from Acne.
Mine loose grey cardigan is from H&M. very much similar, few season back.
Also black tights are from Lindex.

Also over that all Im wearing very chunky beige cardigan what is ike 2 years old and Im wearing it all the time when Im home. It just feels so comfortable and it is quite chilly here where I am.

Today I was looking at thefashionspot models street style thread.
Im not usually looking of it since Im agains modelling indurysty...well, it is kinda comlicating to explain but it is all about skinnyness and Im agains it.
What is wrong with people who say that already skinny model shouls lose ´´few pounds´´. It is disgusting.

aaaanyway, I still was lurking for the thread and I saw these few outfts that were so and totally me.

first this, denim skirt and basic tee paired with biker boots. It just screams my name. In colder just adding tights some cardigan and coat and Im ready to go.
I must say that my skirts are not that short *hahahha*

and this, mixing prints and wearing the clothes I found first from the floor...leaving the house without checking myself from mirror first. yeps, this is very me.

All black. LOVES IT. shorter pants with flats is so Audrey Hepburn and it is allways good!

shorts shorts shorts and shorts.

This must be the cutest outfit I have seen in while

She looks fierce

just adorable

and just because Im polyvore addict I made few sets.

This I LOVE!!!
that bomber jacket would suit so well with long loose cardigans and short skirts with tights.

plaid 3 by rosethe

My new addiction is plaid. I know I come little late.

plaidnew by rosethe

This Eley Kishimoto Ostrich Cardigan is perfect, it gives some oh la la for the outfit.

plaid2 by rosethe

Isn´t my Dorka cutieeeee

black on is Doris.